Grameen Telecom Trust- GTT pioneered the implementation and facilitation of Social Business in Bangladesh. Social business is a cause driven business. It is the new form of capitalism with a vision of serving humanity’s most pressing needs. Grameen Telecom Trust started its journey since 2010 to address social problems in a sustainable way. GTT thrives to build Social Business for a better world. It is focusing on the 3 Zeros; Zero Unemployment, Zero Carbon Emission and Zero poverty. Learn More

The real solution will be when you move from charity to sustainability.

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus

A charity dollar has only one life, a social business dollar, invested over and over again, has endless life.

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus

All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she has that capacity.

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Our Activities

Nobin Udyokta-NU (New Entrepreneur) Program is a youth-entrepreneurship development program for the next generation of Grameen family to turn unemployment into entrepreneurship.

Encouraging innovative enterprises to reduce social problems and supporting social business models through learning by doing approach on a pilot basis.

Building infrastructure for social business eco system. Our aim is to bring social business to the heart of our communities.

Supporting Value Chain Development of social business initiatives for sustainable development.


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Nobin Udyokta (New Entrepreneurs)

Turning youth unemployment into entrepreneurship

This program is designed to empower new entrepreneurs, who are children of Grameen Bank borrowers. A program of mentorship, helping with investment for the road to success and independence.

We are not job seekers, we are job givers!

We have helped 21,441 Nobin Udyoktas (new entrepreneurs) since 2013.

We empower almost 400 entrepreneurs a month. Operating around Bangladesh in 17 districts and expanding.

A key component to the success of Nobin Udyokta program is Social Business Design Lab (SBDL), giving entrepreneurs access to investment.

Social Business Learning & Innovation Fund

Encouraging & Partnering with innovative enterprises to undertake social businesses

A charity dollar has one life but a social business dollar can be invested again and again.