Education is the most important precondition for building a developed nation.

Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing (GCCN) was established in 2010 with investment partnership of GTT. It was founded by Grameen Health Care Services Ltd. (GHS) with Prof. Barbara Parfitt in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University, UK to produce quality nurses. Currently the college has more than 449 students from around Bangladesh. It provides girls from Grameen Bank borrower families the opportunity to study at a higher level and to break the cycle of early marriage and poverty while at the same time contributing towards an improvement in both the capacity and the capability of human resources for health sector. Until January 2018, 06 batches of nurses graduated from the institute. In total 318 students graduated, among them 295 diploma and 23 are awarded BSc in Nursing. It has become top nursing institute in Bangladesh.