Nobin Udyokta

Nobin Udyokta-NU (New Entrepreneur) Program is a youth-entrepreneurship development program for the next generation of Grameen family to turn unemployment into entrepreneurship.

It is aimed for the children of Grameen Bank members aged between 18-35
years. The aged limit is relaxed for females to encourage more
female entrepreneurs.

What Are We Doing?

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Nobin Udyoktas

We helped over 21000 Nobin Udyoktas (entrepreneurs) since 2013 till November, 2019.


Operating Area

Operating in 17 areas and gradually expanding.



Turning youth unemployment into entrepreneurship


Access for Entrepreneurs (Screening

The Screening Exercise is the first stage of Nobin Udyokta-NU (New Entrepreneur) Program of GTT, that scouts young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are children of Grameen Bank borrowers.

It aims to spread the message of the objectives of the NU program and the idea of social business among aspiring entrepreneurs.

Concept, Process, Reporting and Regulatory Issues Explained

Nobin Udyokta's are then helped to create Business plan for their business as a preparation to present their business to GTT for investment. They are also informed on regulatory issues related to their business.

Social Business Design Lab

Design lab is an interactive event where the NU’s present their business and proposes for investment. The panelist analyzes the feasibility of the business proposals and approve the investment accordingly.

Agreement Signing

After the business proposal is approved, a contract is signed between the NU and GTT after which the funds are disbursed to their bank accounts.

Reporting through SMS

Daily reporting through SMS is provided by the NU. Financial reports are shared monthly.

Training on Financial Literacy

NU’s are given training on book keeping & business strategies.

On and off-site monitoring

Through a process of reporting and mentorship, Nobin Udyokta’s are guided to help them keep their business compliant and on track.


Capacity Building and Mentoring of Nobin Udyoktas

Sending of SMS regularly

To ensure success of Nobin Udyokta’s (young entrepreneur’s),
Nobin Udyokta’s regularly send SMS updates of their financials. This allows us to monitor and
guide the entrepreneurs to stay on track.

Expected Sales after investment

After an investment is made, we regularly monitor expected sales as
assessed in the Business Plan to ensure healthy revenue generation.

Expected Expenditure after investment

The road to success for entrepreneurs is to stay on track of expenditures
to ensure good cash-flows. We monitor and mentor the young entrepreneurs to manage expenses

Monthly Receipt-Payment Statement

Book Keeping is essential to run a healthy business. Our officers help
empower the young entrepreneurs for regular record keeping.

Investment Payback

With guidance to managing expected revenues, healthy cash flow by
managing expenses, Nobin Udyokta’s stay on track paying investment installment on time.

Asset Increase

Ensuring healthy growth in asset allow Nobin Udyokta’s to not only grow
their business but helps them secure their business.

Employment Generation

Growth is essential to any business. Employment generation is a great
indicator to the success of Nobin Udyoktas.

Behavior, Social Activities and Participation

As Nobin Udyokta’s pave their success in business, it is important that
they give back to their community through social activities, helping the community and
participating in community development.