Grameen Health Care Services Ltd

Providing healthcare services focusing on eye care, safe-drinking water and nursing education etc.

Grameen Health Care Services Limited (GHS) is a social business enterprise established in 2006 under Company Act, 1994. Investors in this company are Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT), Grameen Kalyan (GK) and Grameen Shakti (GS).

The main objectives of the company are to establish and operate hospitals, healthcare centers and mobile health clinics, pathological centers/labs for assuring quality healthcare services. It also aims to undertake necessary measures for identifying people (with emphasis on children) suffering from diseases in rural areas.

The company also aspires to run training programs for doctors and other health staff and have provisions for counseling and organizing meetings, workshops, seminars etc to create health awareness among people, particular women.

GHS is receiving continuous support on technical and human resource development from SEVA Foundation in USA, Aravind Eye Hospitals and Post Graduate Institute of Ophthalmology, India and funding support from Calvert Foundation through Lavelle Fund.

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