Grameen Danone Foods : Building Healthy Generation

Addressing malnutrition of children, particularly from poor and low-income group families through joint venture with Danone.

A Social Business Joint Venture

The Grameen Group and Groupe DANONE joined forces since March 2006 to create Grameen Danone Foods Ltd, a social business based in Bangladesh. Grameen Danone Foods Ltd’s mission is to reduce poverty by a unique proximity business model that will provide daily healthy nutrition to the poor of Bangladesh. Grameen Danone Foods Ltd is the first investment supported by ‘danone.communities’, an investment fund, created to support businesses that aim to be sustainable, but make social and societal goals their objective.

Nutritional Situation in Bangladesh

One child out of two in Bangladesh is suffering from malnutrition, especially in rural areas.

Grameen Danone Foods’ Objectives include, bring health through nutrition at very affordable price for all Bangladeshi children; improve living conditions of the poorest of the community by involving them in all stages of the business model (supply, production, sales), creating jobs and improving local competencies; preserve non-renewable resources as much as possible; be profitable to ensure economic sustainability.