Social Business Fund in Scaling Up Micro Enterprises in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Nobin Udyokta Project

Promoting entrepreneurship among the youth and women is an emerging global trend for inclusive sustainable development. This study aims to unlock the potential of social business investments in scaling up microenterprises for turning unemployment into entrepreneurship and generate employment. According to Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, “social business is selfless business to solve social problems” based on seven principles. The study has selected 264 enterprises of Nobin Udoykta (NU) meaning new entrepreneurs under Nobin Udyokta Program (NUP) of Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT). NUs and GTT have co- investments under equity participation for at least one or more than one year. NUs are basically, emerging microentrepreneurs, who are often disproportionately burdened with multi dimensions of poverty and lack of working capital, which inhibits business growth. Findings explores and shows that social business fund can significantly influence the growth of NU enterprises and, also create more employments. Therefore, this study is of value to the promoter, advocates, investors in social enterprises and policy makers seeking strategy for reducing poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurship for sustainable development leaving no one behind.
Key Words: Youth Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Social Business, Nobin Udyokta (NU), Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT).