Fabrics & Fashion -softyThe initiative is producing sanitary napkin (SOFTY)  in a partnership with Babylon Group and was launched on June  28,   2013.  The  GRAMEEN-BABYLON initiative aims to provide sanitary napkin to the poor, specially to the garment workers and rural women and girls. Its aim is to produce hygienic sanitary napkin at low cost. Initially the production capacity was 700 pcs of napkin per day, gradually its capacity is being increased. Present capacity is 4000 pcs per day and by the month of June it will be 5000 pcs per day. Grameen-Babylon has taken some initiatives to spread out its activities all over the country. It will establish sanitary napkin factory in the rural areas on franchisee basis and will hand over them to young women entrepreneurs. Grameen- Babylon will provide all raw  materials and  continuous supervision from its side to ensure the product quality.