Shuvolong Safe Drinking Water Social Business Project

Background of the Project

Rangamati Hill District is one of the three hill districts of CHT region. Rangamati Sadar is the main township of Rangamati Hill District. This small town was built on the hilltop in the early 60s i.e. prior to the creation of the Karnafuly lake in 1962 in its full form following construction of the Kaptai Hydroelectric dam. Population of Rangamati Sadar township has developed rapidly since 1977 due to numerous socio-political reasons. At present, approximately 300,000 people live in this small hill-top down town. The dwellers of Rangamati use the water of the Kaptai Lake as the prime source of water for drinking and domestic use. Public Health Division of Rangamati collects water from the lake and supplies processed water to consumers through a pipeline network. Nevertheless, crisis for water for drinking and house-hold use prevails as the water level of the lake largely fluctuates depending on different seasons. Moreover, heavy inflow of muddy and turbid water from different tributaries to the lake during rainy season causes severe contamination of lake water.

Vision and Mission

The Social business project focuses on production and supply of pure drinking water from ground water in jar/bottle and distribute to hotel, restaurant, office, education institute, household through hygienic way in addition to employment generation to uplift the quality of life of the community the area.

Description of the Product/Service

As only and first initiative of its kind, consumers can be attracted to ASHIKA’s product within short period of time. Present Road communication in this hill town is available, so transportation and supply of product is easy and affordable.

How it solves the Social Problem

This is the first initiative of its kind in Rangamati. Many have a soft corner for local and substantial initiative of such fresh and demandable venture. The source of water also matters as the aquifer of this area is often free from arsenic pollution and other harmful minerals. So, the quality of water is one of important factors to create market in the hill district and in adjacent plains of the country is quite feasible.