Niamatpur Sweets Ltd.

LUSTRE is a NGO with over 15 years of experience in development within Natore district. They have already undertaken over 10 successful projects that address issues around public health awareness, sanitation, environment, unemployment cast creed etc.

The seventh social business venture undertaken by GTT and LUSTRE is known as “Niamatpur Sweets Ltd.” which strives to empower poor farmers and ethnic minorities through establishing a business that will produce quality sweets and yogurt that is sold in the local market in Niamatpor, Naogaon. This business aims to provide consumers with delicacies that are produced locally with high quality and sourced ingredients.

Keeping profiteering motives aside, this business also proposes to tackle local socioeconomic problems through promoting employment opportunity, providing scope of empowerment for the village community and develop their rural livelihood. “LUSTRE” will purchase quality dairy from local farms and give them the best price of the market, which will ensure income consistency for the farmers. Additionally, the local markets will also benefit from higher quality products that are created with the highest standards of hygiene and nutrition.