Year End Meeting with Social Business Team of GTT to evaluate the activities of 2016

December 7,2016

On Wednesday, December 07, 2016 the year end meeting chaired by Ms. Parveen Mahmud (Managing Director, Grameen Telecom Trust) was held with the Team of Social Business of Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT) to evaluate the activities of 2016 and planning for 2017 activities.

Mr. Jayanta Kumer Bosu (Team Leader, Social Business & Program Support, Grameen Telecom Trust) reported about the activities of 2016 of the Nobin Udyokta-NU (New Entrepreneur) Program. The number of NUs has reached to more than twenty-seven hundred (2700) and is expected to reach to three thousand (3000) by the end of December which has surpassed the target of 2016 that was set to twenty-five hundred (2500). Moreover nine (9) more unit offices have opened in 2016, totaling to twenty-eight (28) unit offices. Mr. Bosu also proposed the plan for 2017. The target is to create five thousand (5000) more NUs and open twelve (12) more unit offices to cover larger district area, totaling to forty (40) unit offices in 2017. The proposal was approved in the meeting.

In addition, Sultan Ahmed Bhuiyan (CFO & Board Secretary, Grameen Telecom Trust) who was also present in the meeting, suggested putting more emphasis on MIS and accounting system of the NU program.

After the discussion, Ms. Parveen Mahmud (Managing Director, Grameen Telecom Trust) gave her guidelines to strengthen the quality of the NU program. She put more priority over close monitoring and regular training of the field officers who work in NU program.

The meeting concluded with New Year’s greetings from the Managing Director.

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