Ms. Parveen Mahmud at the 4th Social Business Academia Conference

November 10,2016

The 4th Social Business Academia Conference (SBAC) was held at HEC, Paris, France on 9-10th November, 2016. SBAC is held each year to review the theoretical and practical implications and potential of the Social Business Concept.
A research paper titled “Social Business Fund in Scaling up Micro Enterprises in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Nobin Udyokta Project” authored by Dr. Farhana Ferdousi (Assistant Professor, Southeast University) and co-authored by Ms. Parveen Mahmud (Managing Director, Grameen Telecom Trust) and Mr. Jayanta Kumer Bosu (Team Leader, Social Business & Program Support, Grameen Telecom Trust) was presented by Ms. Parveen Mahmud at SBAC.
The research was conducted following Ordinary Least Square method for a regression analysis to determine the relationship between the growth of the firm and social business investment fund and also its relationship with employment generation.

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