Internship for Ms. Marina Sandoval Lourenco

May 3,2018

Grameen Telecom Trust provides regular internship opportunities for people all around the globe. “After my 5 days with GTT, my expectations were not only fulfilled but also exceeded. This is definitely an experience I will suggest to my friends and colleagues” says Ms. Marina Sandoval Lourenço, an intern from Brazil. Ms. Marina’s program was divided into 3 stages: theory and meetings at GTT office, attending two Design Labs (one open and one in-house) and Nobin Udyokta field exposure visit in Narayanganj. The program was designed to give a better understanding of GTT’s activities.

The field exposure trip started with visiting two markets with more than fifty (50) NUs and then meeting some NUs personally. During her visit, Ms. Marina met NU Mr. Md. Ali and NU Mr. Abdul Hossain where she learned about the century-old hereditary Jamdani sarees and the traditional hand loom weaving technique-a process by which the Jamdani sarees are made. She also met NU Mr. Jahidul Islam who started his business with small capital and after investment from GTT his business not only grew but Mr. Islam has developed his own brand of LED light bulb. Ms. Marina’s field exposure trip ended with a visit to Panam Nagar which is a historical archaeological town in the former capital of Bangladesh, Sonargaon and Sonargaon museum.

Grameen Telecom Trust appreciated Ms. Marina with gifts from Grameen Poshra (an online and retail platform to promote rural handicrafts) at her last day in GTT. The internship program was facilitated by Jayanta Kumer Bosu (Team Leader, Social Business, Grameen Telecom Trust) and assisted by Tasnim Naz (Officer, Social Business and Communication, Grameen Telcom Trust).

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