Award giving ceremony of Best Nobin Udyoktas of 2016

July 28,2017

The award ceremenoy of Best Nobin Udyokta of 2016 took place on 28 July 2017 at the Polli Mongol Karmashuchi (PMK) in Zirabo, Savar. Ten (10) Nobin Udyoktas-NU (New Entrepreneur) of Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT) were awarded the title of Best Nobin Udyokta 2016 based on eight (8) categories set by the Nobin Udyokta Program of GTT. Out of these Ten (10), Four (4) NUs were female and Six (6) NUs were male. Mr. Jayanta Kumer Bosu (Team Leader, Social Business, Grameen Telecom Trust) awarded the Nobin Udyoktas with crests. He also gave a motivational speech to inspire the Nobin Udyoktas.

Along with the ten awardees, twenty-one (21) NUs were also present at the ceremony who had their stalls showcased at the 7th Social Business Day along with two (2) more NUs, who would display a live demonstration of their work process at the 7th Social Business Day.

The ceremony was facilitated by K.M. Saleheen (Coordinator, Social Business, GTT) along with Major Benazir Ahmed (Retd) (Coordinator, Security and Admin, GTT). Sixteen (16) area managers of the NU program of GTT were also present there.

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