98th In-House Social Business Executive Design Lab of GTT (337th as per Yunus Centre)

September 1,2016

Grameen Telecom Trust hosted its 98th In-house Executive Design Lab today, 1 September 2016, at its Social Business Learning Centre (SBLC). Design Lab is an interactive event where the Nobin Udyokta-NU (New Entrepreneur) presents their business and proposes for the investment they require to expand their business. The chair of the event along with the team of Social Business of GTT carefully examines their case and decides upon the investment value. Today’s Design Lab was chaired by Ms. Jannat-E-Quanine (former General Manager, Grameen Bank). Sultan Ahmed Bhuiyan (Chief Finance Officer and Board Secretary, Grameen Telecom Trust) was also present there. There were Twenty Three (23) NUs who presented their proposals and all were approved.

Group Photo of the NUs and Panelists of the Design Lab

The total project agreements signed between GTT and NUs have reached to Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven (2,811) which is the Hundred & Thirty Fifth (135th) batch of Nobin Udyoktas. The NUs mentioned their preference for GTT over other institutions as GTT not only invests in their business but also provides effective guidelines and necessary technical support to run their business profitably.

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