Nobin Udyokta Overview


Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT) signed investment agreements with six thousand one hundred & twenty three (6,123) Nobin Udyoktas (New Entrepreneurs) till June, 2017. These aspiring entrepreneurs are all children of Grameen Bank families who plan to start new businesses or scale up existing ones. GTT under its NU Program is providing assistance to them through investments and other ancillary services. The aim is to establish the youth as entrepreneurs who will be self employed and beyond self employment will create jobs for others.


Nobin Udyokta Brief as on 30th June, 2017

GTT NU Working Area

17 districts

GTT NU Field Offices in Operatrion


Signed Investment Agreements


Average Business Size

BDT 3,113,545,877

Equity Contribution Breakdown
24% 76%
Gender Breakdown
Female Male Total
93 6,123 6,216
Employment Generation
Female Male Total
198 5,318 5,516
More Facts About Nobin Udyokta
Total Students Male Female
156 154 2
Differently Able Nobin Udyokta: 4