Grameen Veolia Water Ltd


Grameen Veolia Water Ltd established as a joint venture company between world renowned French Company Veolia Water and Grameen Health Care Services in 2008 to serve 1,00,0000 peoples with safe drinking water to the disadvantaged populations in arsenic-prone areas of Bangladesh.

The company implemented its first plant at Goalmari of Daudkandi, a sub-district addressed under Comilla district. According to DPHE (Department of Public Health & Engineering of Bangladesh), 83% drinking water source (Tubewells) in this area are arsenic contaminated. Following the social business model, GVW is a “no loss-no dividend” venture and is sustained by the low rates collected from customers, with all profits being reinvested for further expansion and improvement. GVW at present is providing safe drinking water through its pipe networks and stand posts targeting its 40,000 people. To help and meet with its social business objective, GVW has started a 5 US gallon jar water business. All profits earned from this Jar water business will be reinvested into the development of safe water distribution system in rural areas of Bangladesh also to provide the cross subsidy among rural populations.


Water distribution of Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. at a glance:

Community Level

Grameen_veola_water-1At present Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. is distributing its safe water through its 6 km networks in Goalmari and Padua union establishing 23 stand posts and private connections (community connection, house connection and also school connection). Each stand post except the private connections is being managed by a lady water dealer creating job opportunity of 23 rural ladies. Key features of the project are as follows-

  • Launched on April 2009
  • Network: 6 km with HDPE pipes and fittings with electro fusion joints (in Goalmari & Padua)
  • Population: 40000
  • Plant Capacity: 10000L / Hour
  • Targeted family: 2400
  • Designed for: 30L /family /day ( for drinking and cooking only)
  • Price of water: BDT 2.5 / 10L water in/c lady dealers commission
  • Process: Classic Psycho-Chemical treatment
  • Stand Post: 23
  • Private connection: 8

18.9L Jar water Business

  • Launched on: October 2011
  • Follows the treatment of ACF, DMF, MF, RO, UV, Ozonation etc.
  • Daily distribution: Around 500 jars /day
  • Transportation means to Daudkandi / Dhaka: By Boat from Goalmari plant
  • Distribution: By Grameen Distribution and Grameen Byabosha Bikash

In order to address the health and hygiene to the targeted population, GVW carried out a study in the project area with cooperation of ICDDR, to observe the sanitarian and social impact in community level. An anthropological study was also carried out in the project area and accordingly a team is working in the project area to make community people aware of arsenic as well as health and hygiene issue. Different measures are also taking on a regular basis to mitigate arsenic problem in order to provide safe drinking water in the project area.

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