Grameen Poshra


Grameen Telecom Trust is a steadfast supporter and promoter of social business initiatives in the handicrafts industry. It strives to create a value chain for products while working in clusters to promote entrepreneurs within the industry. In 2009 two social business companies were launched outside Dhaka for these purposes. The companies were Grameen Shamogree Purbanchal Ltd. (in the eastern part of Bangladesh), and Grameen Shamogree Uttaranchal Ltd. (in the northern part of Bangladesh). In order to create a uniform and unique crafts brand, both these outlets have been recently branded as ‘Grameen Poshra’. The main goal is to earn profit from selling products produced by the rural poor women and create sustainable income opportunities for the producers. At the onset, the ventures were established in ‘monga’ (famine like situation due to unemployment) affected areas. The idea was to impart skills in rural women so that they become skilled and support their family to overcome the barriers of poverty. A production centre was also set up in Jorgach, Chilmari to act as the training centre and production hub. A sales outlet was also introduced in Rangpur city to market these products. This was a holistic approach of mitigating the ‘monga’ problem.

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