Grameen Health Care Services Ltd (2006)

logo_grameen_health_actualGrameen Health Care Services Limited (GHS) is a social business enterprise established in 2006 under Company Act, 1994. Investors in this company are Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT), Grameen Kalyan (GK) and Grameen Shakti (GS). The main objectives of the company are to establish and operate hospitals, healthcare centers and mobile health clinics, pathological centers/labs for assuring quality healthcare services. It also aims to undertake necessary measures for identifying people (with emphasis on children) suffering from diseases in rural areas. The company also aspires to run training programs for doctors and other health staff and have provisions for counseling and organizing meetings, workshops, seminars etc to create health awareness among people, particularly women. GHS is receiving continuous support on technical and human resource development from SEVA Foundation in USA, Aravind Eye Hospitals and Post Graduate Institute of Ophthalmology, India and funding support from Calvert Foundation through Lavelle Fund. Existing projects of the concern are briefly outlined below:


Grameen GC Eye Care Hospital (2007)

Named as the Grameen G.C. Eye Care Hospital, this institution is currently operating in Bogra (commenced operation in 2007) and Barisal (commenced operation in 2009) to provide the low income population with eye care services at the cheapest possible and subsidized rates. In exceptions and cases of destitute the services are provided for free. The registration fee for availing services is about 60 cents, with surgery packages ranging from USD 37.50 to USD 375 (depending on the patient’s ability to pay and lenses used in the surgery). The Green Children Foundation of USA provided seed money to kick of this project. Over 68,000 patients have been provided consultancy services free of charge with the total number of patients catered to so far crossing 200,000. More than 10,000 cataract surgeries have been performed (at least a thousand of them for free).

Under these hospitals there is also a community outreach program where eyes camps are held in remote parts of rural areas and awareness campaigns along with IEC (information, education and communication) programs to provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative care to people.

Grameen-Veolia-Water- Grameen Veolia Water Limited (2009)

Grameen Veolia Water Limited (GVW) was jointly established by GHS and Veolia Water AMI (Veolia Water’s subsidiary for Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent). With the objective to battle arsenicosis its task is to build and operate several water production and treatment plants in some of the poorest villages in the center and south of Bangladesh. All in all, 100,000 people in around 5 villages are forecast to be served by this initiative, for a total investment of USD 800,000. Veolia provides the technical knowhow and the transfer of technology, while Grameen contributes with its local knowledge and networks in rural Bangladesh for the success of this project. This project is already operating with two units at Golmari of Daukandi sub-district in Commilla district, catering to a population of about 40,000 with safe water.


Grameen Caledonian Nursing College (2010)

Grameen Caledonian Nursing College (GCCN) is a joint effort of Nike Foundation, Glasgow Caledonian University and GHS. GCCN commenced its journey in 2010 with 40 girls (currently 118 are being trained in three batches) belonging to families of Grameen Bank borrowers. After completion of their course, these nurses have been ensured jobs by GHS and Grameen Kalyan (GK) if they choose to remain with the Grameen family. GCCN was formed with the following objectives in mind: mitigation of the shortage of nurses through innovative teaching techniques and recruitment of rural young women, creating an avant-garde curriculum focused on the unique health needs of adolescent girls, and creating a sustainable social business model with nurses, as opposed to doctors as the central actors of the health care system. This institute kicks off the cycle of empowerment of women that begins by gaining skills that ensure employment, employment that leads to earning, earning and knowledge that places them to make significant social contribution, in turn they create scopes for other women and girls to be a part of the cycle.

GHS has planned to establish more hospitals, Nursing Colleges, Medical College, Tertiary level hospital, vision centers and Mother & Child Health care centers every year.