Grameen Fabrics and Fashion Ltd


Grameen Fabrics and Fashion Limited (GFFL) is a social business company wholly owned by Grameen Telecom Trust. GFFL aims at successfully establishing the concept of social business and eliminate social problems such as unemployment and poverty. With the completion of an industrial park named ‘Social Business Industrial Park’, the company will create employment opportunities’ for 10,000 underprivileged people of the country by 2020. The company strives to establish its products in local and international markets.

The company will be setting up an environmentally and worker-friendly factories to manufacture composite knitwear and treated mosquito nets for protection against malaria, dengue and other mosquito transmitted illnesses.


One production unit of the company is already producing Bangladesh’s first Long Lasting Impregnated Mosquito Nets (LLIN). The production capacities of the unit will be enhanced to 9,000 pieces of nets for the local market from 2014. A second unit for the nets is in the process of being set up, which will be producing 3 million nets annually to be exported to emerging markets.

GFFL has the following projects in construction and implementation phase, 100% export oriented Composite Knitwear unit, Yarn dyeing unit, Printing and Packing Unit, Embroidery Unit (fabrics and garments), Socks Unit and Undergarments Unit.