Grameen Distribution Ltd

Investment_new_logoa Social Business Company was established in 2009 under the Bangladesh Company Act, 1994 (with Grameen Telecom Trust as a majority stakeholder). This company strives to create employment opportunities for the poor and make them self reliant in terms of livelihood. Using the innovative Grameen Marketing Network (GMN), GDL undertakes marketing and distribution of imported, local and own manufactured products all over Bangladesh.


It also distributes products manufactured and imported by other social business companies. Another key area of this company is to develop specialized products that are essential for the underprivileged rural people of the country.

Existing product marketed by the company include mobile handsets and accessories, renewable energy products (solar panels and mini solar systems), chemically treated mosquito nets (Long Lasting Impregnated Net), energy efficient products (CFL light bulbs and LED lights), safe drinking water etc.

The GMN that is used by GDL has perhaps had the largest impact, as it has been able to reach out to 1.5 million poor rural households with quality and affordable products. The women who have been involved as distributing associates are earning about USD 37 a month in addition to the regular work they were involved with.

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