Delegates from UNIDO and Pana

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On 11 January, 2018 Mr. Francesco Candelari (UNIDO) and Ms. Pezana Rexha (CEO, Pana, a Social Business, Albania) visited Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT) to learn about its programs and activities. UNIDO is a specialized agency in the United Nations system to promote industrial development. Pana is an ecological upcycling company that employs people from marginalized groups.

Mr. Francesco Candelari (UNIDO) explained their activities and expressed their interest to explore opportunities for collaboration with GTT. Ms. Parveen Mahmud (Managing Director, GTT) explained the activities of GTT, supported by Mr. Jayanta Kumer Basu (Team Leader, SB & Program Support) and Mr. Abu Nayeem (Manager, Social Business & Program Support, GTT). A power point presentation and a video presentation were shown about the activities of GTT.

The delegates were keen in learning about the realms of Social Business and how one can implement them to reality. The meeting was an interactive session among the delegates and GTT team where several questions were answered.

The delegates also received a gift package from GTT.  The meeting concluded with a group photo and the delegates signed the visitor’s book with their comments.